my Boo – Bamboo bikes

Our bikes are more than just fantastic rides. Every bamboo bike unites design, social responsibility and ecological sustainabilty.

100% unique.

Every bamboo frame is completly unique. Thanks to 90 hours loving handicraft in Ghana every my Boo bamboo bike is perfectly manufactured. In every fiber. On every tube. Explore my Boo: my Boo. Whether you are looking for a women’s bike, a men’s bike or simply a frame, you will find what you are searching for!

Improve future prospects.

Every bamboo bike makes a lasting change for the better in Ghana. All the profits made in Ghana through the Yonso project go directly into microcredits and education projects. Additionally my Boo finances one school scholarship per sold bike.

Ökologischer Rohstoff.

Bamboo is a great resource! Incredibly fast growing and extremly CO2 binding it is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly resources. Additionally it is extremly stable and light. It is therefor the perfect fit for our bicycle frames. Bamboo exists in great quantities in Ghana and can be directly used in the manufacturing process.


Sustainable. Social. Unique.